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We provide the data you need to make decisions

Prior to the campaign launch, our team will set up any necessary scripts, events, goals or audiences using best practices and standardized naming conventions. The team then thoroughly tests and debugs engagements and analytics at a script level for proper conversion mapping, tracking, and grouping. A real-time custom dashboard is then set up for analyzing and measuring our most important KPIs.

Once the campaign goes live, our process typically involves providing clients with a two-week initial insights report to ensure campaigns are tracking and pacing properly, and to make any further adjustments to guarantee the success of the campaign. This initial report helps to guarantee the campaign’s early success while allowing for enough initial data to collect before making educated decisions.

In addition to real-time analytics and a custom dashboard, we’ll schedule monthly and quarterly analytics reports and any necessary calls to address previous months’ performance data against baseline metrics. Our team will also offer recommendations to further improve our efforts.

We provide weekly optimization reports for more immediate changes to be addressed as they relate to W-O-W performance metrics.

Once the campaign has reached completion, we’ll deliver a final report that summarizes the entirety of the campaign, breaking out results against our initial targets, and helping to direct and put forth a plan of action for prospective campaigns.

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