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Why have us do your media buying and planning?

We act as your agency of record (AOR) with all media representatives, opportunities, and the billing process. In this role, we handle the planning, execution, reporting, reconciliation, and billing with these vendors on your behalf. We then invoice you for the media and confirm the vendor has delivered the media and impressions previously estimated in the plan. The relationships we have with vendors across the country are in the thousands, and many are longstanding and ongoing relationships.

The benefits of a media agency are many. Here are a few to consider:

Buying and Negotiating Power

We are buying millions and millions of dollars worth of media across the US on behalf of our clients. This allows us to negotiate rates and added value that is above what you are able to realize yourself. There are often hidden costs in media and we know what market rate and CPM to pay for various mediums. We get the lowest rates and best value for our clients.

Our Years of Experience and Strategy

We are a team of seasoned media buyers who know your space well. We know what works, share learnings and results we have gained from clients' campaigns, and know how to optimize plans ongoing to make the most of your media budget. Our long-standing relationships with our vendors let us know about new placements, executions, and targeting as they become available. Lastly, we know how to integrate the media mix to amplify impressions, awareness, store traffic, and sales.

We offer an Objective Perspective

We are agnostic in our media preferences. We recommend media based on the audience, goal, market, and where we see success. Our experience helps our clients have an unbiased partner to evaluate vendors and media options that save money and translate into better results than working with vendors directly. Our experiences help clients come up with fresh ideas for tackling media challenges

We Handle the Tedious, Detailed Work of Media

Buying media requires a lot of details, reconciliation, and holding vendors to what was promised in the IO. Our media team can handle all these details efficiently on your behalf, letting you focus more on the overall strategy and creative for your brand. Some of these items include:

  • Integrating data from multiple platforms to properly plan
  • Fielding all media inquiries and meetings with market reps across all mediums
  • Media research
  • Establishing relationships with platforms and vendors
  • Negotiating and activating media buys
  • Reviewing and signing IOs
  • Trafficking spots
  • Reconciling invoices
  • Posting ratings
  • Tagging trackers
  • Added Value reporting
  • Tagging for Brand safety and viewability
  • POP/screenshots
  • Confirmation on proper creative and rotations
  • Pacing reports and optimization of plans
  • Measuring media effectiveness and combining reporting from multiple vendors
  • Payments and AP

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