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Media Trends

Media Trends

Vision Media closely monitors emerging media usage and trends that allow us to make more educated recommendations for tactical messaging and overall media mix as they pertain to specific campaign initiatives.

We use media insights and trends to capitalize on the media types your target audiences are spending the most time with. This ensures the highest efficiencies so that we are spending the budgets of our partners the most judiciously.

What we know:

  • Audiences are spending more time on OTT/CTV, Streaming Audio, and Digital & Social mediums than ever before
  • Traditional TV viewership remains strong with top networks
  • Digital viewership and platforms continue to expand
  • Digital Audio increased +8.3% YOY and continues to trend upward

Users of Connected TVs (CTV), smartphones, and social media will continue to grow in 2022 and beyond.

In 2020 and 2021, time spent among US adults with CTV increased 33.8%, time spent with smartphones increased 16.6%, and time spent on social media increased 16.4%. According to eMarketer (2021), time spent with subscription OTT services among US adults increased 33.9% to 1:12.


US adults spent more than 13 hours per day with media in 2021.

Of this total, more than 60% was spent with digital media. This share will continue to increase to nearly 64% by 2023, the equivalent of an average of 9 minutes per day of daily time spent.

This growth is on top of the full hour added by most US adults in 2020 during the height of the Covid-19 lockdown.


82.4 million US households now stream their video viewing.

Over the Top (OTT) is made up of a mix of platforms, devices, and unique content. The content and programming is certain to align with your target audience, but first-party and third-party data sets can be overlaid to make targeting and retargeting even more effective.

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), measurement and attribution continue to improve with partners seeing measurable lifts in trackable conversions from OTT advertising resulting in more budget being allocated to OTT & CTV in 2021.