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Vision Media’s Approach:

Finding the most effective ways to reach the Museum’s target audience segments was essential. We started by looking at how COVID-19 was impacting media consumption across channels and demographics. Through extensive research, we were able to determine which media would be the most impactful to reach our priority audiences.

Our plan was to anchor Stranger Than Fiction messaging across the top media channels with highest consumption rates among Adults 25-54:

1. Broadcast Television & Local Lifestyle Programming

2. Over-the-top Video (OTT)

3. Programmatic Video & Display

The campaign was further integrated into the Seattle market through NPR to generate additional awareness and paid search and paid social for further consideration. We aligned the Museum of Flight with local lifestyle programming to promote the new exhibition. Lifestyle segments go above and beyond standard spot buys – they allow for extended and customized messaging while maximizing budget.

Awareness, Conversation, & Conversion

Our Stranger Than Fiction campaign delivered 25,552,125 impressions (June 2021 – January 2022), demonstrating the power and expansive reach of our media mix. Broad awareness tactics helped get the Museum’s message in front of the right audience in a larger-than-life way. By implementing retargeting tactics on digital and social channels, we were able to drive impact and push exposed audiences to further consideration and purchase tickets online.

During this timeframe, we tracked 20,941 ticket purchases on the Museum’s website. Paid media efforts increased ticket sales by 30%, resulting in a 3.63% conversion rate.

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